In summary:

  • User-friendly tool, differentiated results report
  • Convenient and fast, also suitable for tablets and smartphones
  • Test result is available immediately after the test is performed.
  • Cost-effective


20 minutes


from Fr. 15.00 (excluding VAT)



Career guidance tool

Wannabee is an efficient and economical orientation tool that captures and correlates your professional skills (“ability”) and preferences (“willingness”):

Areas of assessment:


Practical interests and skills in the field of crafts

Social, support and mediation interests and skills

Creative-inventive affinities and skills

Interests and skills in administrative planning

Preference and skills for research subjects

Entrepreneurial interests and skills

Areas of application

Training / Career choice:

When it comes to finding the right training or apprenticeship, Wannabee offers an effective orientation tool that correlates a person’s interests and skills in the form of a differentiated profile.

Professional reorientation:

A career change may be necessary or desirable for many reasons. Wannabee encourages the examination of a person’s own preferences and skills, which is an important first step in this change process.

Consultation/ Coaching:

Wannabee is a cost-effective tool that supports you in your career development consulting work. The differentiated results report provides a good basis for defining development opportunities.

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